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slips hm

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Skip to main content. Our consultations Draft legislation: Our statistics UK overseas trade in goods statistics: September 9 November National statistics UK overseas trade in goods statistics September The prisoner was handcuffed to two prison officers as they travelled from the prison to the nearby Hope Hospital , when the taxi was stopped by two men who threatened the guards with a gun, forcing them to let the inmate free.

In December of the same year the prison was severely criticised by the Chief Inspector of Prisons for high levels of violence and drug taking amongst inmates.

The report also found a significant deterioration in safety for staff and inmates at the prison with routine intimidation of staff, prisoner assaults on other prisoners running at 25 a month and staff turnover of 25 per cent a year.

There had also been 2, prisoner discipline hearings in six months. In February another inmate escaped from Forest Bank while visiting hospital.

The prisoner managed to escape from two prison guards and fled from the Manchester Royal Infirmary wearing only a surgical gown.

The inmate cut off a section of his own ear in order to gain release from the facility in an ambulance, albeit with three prison guards in attendance.

The ambulance was stopped in Agecroft Road A by a gang of armed men who released O'Donnell and made off.

O'Donnell was recaptured 28 May In November HM Chief Inspector of Prisons Nick Hardwick noted in his report on the prison that some young inmates had been tied up in their bed linen and beaten by other prisoners.

The report also acknowledged that in other matters there were many signs of improvement. On 10 February , former Forest Bank Prison Nurse Leanne Cartledge, 23, was sentenced to four months in prison for taking a mobile phone into the prison to give to Michael O'Donnell, with whom she was in a relationship, and which he used to help his escape.

In it emerged that three former members of staff at Forest Bank successfully sued Kalyx for unfair dismissal and their treatment by the serving deputy director of the prison.

For example you can call this helpline to find out whether the amount of money you hold in stocks and shares means you are ineligible to deposit funds into an ISA account.

Furthermore you can also call this number to find out when you will be able to withdraw money from your savings accounts and to check the recommended interest rates set by the Bank of England.

Contact HMRC to get a valuation on unquoted shares and assets by calling their specifically-allocated telephone number You can also use this helpline service to enquire about the tax implications of purchasing bloodstock, chattels, foreign residential property and personal aircraft.

Call the HMRC inheritance tax department by calling their telephone contact number to enquire how much you should be paying to the tax office after receiving assets from a will.

This helpline is charged at the same rate as calls to local geographic numbers in the UK, however you will be able to call for free if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your landline or mobile tariff.

Please phone this telephone contact number if HMRC has contacted you about tax debt you have accrued from an EU member state. You should either call this number to pay your outstanding tax debts or to dispute them if you believe you have already settled the owed finances.

Contact the specialised HMRC mariners unit on their national phone number to check if you are liable to pay national insurance NI contributions as a seafarer and for advice on how to make voluntary NI payments when you are on dry land.

Alternatively if you are a yacht owner and you have recently sailed into British waters please call the national yacht line number to notify the tax office.

Phone HMRC on their non-UK resident contact number if you are working in the country so you can pay the appropriate tax.

Similarly you can phone this number if you have extended your stay in the UK so that you can pay the correct rate of tax.

HMRC has special tax rates for entertainers and landlords so if you believe you are eligible for these then you should call the relevant contact number from the table below.

Phone HMRC for technical support by calling their contact number when making a card payment to pay off your tax debt. For example you can call this number to find out how much tax you will pay on your pension payments, how much you will be eligible to receive dependent on how much you regularly pay into your retirement fund.

You can also phone this number if you are either the administrator of the scheme and if you represent the pension provider.

A comprehensive webpage, www. Social media is being increasingly recognised as a powerful tool in informing customers about services and engaging customers in these services.

You can also post your income tax query to HMRC. If doing so, please use this postal address: Capital gains tax — Phone HMRC for general enquiries about capital gains tax by calling their local-rate contact number , where you can notify the tax office that you have sold an item which has increased in value.

Postal address You can write to HMRC about self assessments by sending your letters to this postal address, however please do not include sensitive bank details as these could be fraudulently accessed: Alternatively if you need to make a payment to HMRC formerly Inland Revenue under the self assessment system you should address your cheques to their money-handling centre: Textphone and minicom users can contact HMRC using this number: Alternatively you can report these details to the tax office by using their UK address which is provided here for your convenience: Childcare providers — Contact HMRC if you are a childcare provider by calling their UK phone number for assistance with your working tax credits.

A number of online forms are available on the official HMRC employer website. As an employer you can also post your query to HMRC using this postal address: Climate change levy — Contact HMRC about climate change levy payments on their telephone number to calculate how much you will have to pay on your electricity, gas and fuel usage.

HMRC Agent helplines If you are acting as an authorised tax agent on behalf of a client, friend, or family member, then please look at the list below for dedicated debt management, self assessment, PAYE and tax credit helplines for authorised agents.

If your complaint is about income tax or self assessments, you can write to HMRC at this address: If you are an individual and wish to complain, click here.

If you are an agent acting on behalf of someone else, click here. If you are a business owner and wish to make a complaint, click here.

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Slips hm -

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